About me

I’m a Spanish designer, with a background in graphic and digital design, who set foot in the UX world more than 10 years ago. A kind of a mixed background designer that will fit in any team adding value to your projects through design and creative thinking.

  • Spanish
  • 36 years old
  • Motorcycle rider
  • Beach bum
  • Craftsy

My experience in numbers

Companies helped
Meetings attended
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What I do.

Colours and intuitive navigation to ensure a rich and interactive user experience have always been a true driving force throughout my whole life. Through my daily work, I aim to create innovative designs that inspire users and make their lives easier.

Some clients I have worked with:

My path so far:

  1. 2005 - 2007
    Studied Graphic Design degree.
  2. March 2007
    Moved to Malaga (Spain) for my first job!
  3. December 2007
    Got a job offer from Microsoft's partner.
  4. January 2011
    Started working for Telefonica (O2).
  5. October 2012
    Landed in London for my next adventure!
  6. March 2013 - today
    Working as contractor (15 contracts so far).
  7. Next?
    Who knows!