Windows Presentation Foundation

A brief retrospective from my initial years working as UX Designer to my most recent work, I'll show you things like my very first user interface created for a small prototype made in WPF or some complex applications very heavily driven by data.

  • December 2007 to present
  • UI, UX, Prototyping, WPF, Expression Blend, Silverlight

My very first UI (2007)

The year 2007 was almost finished when I barely started learning a bit of WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) thanks to a friend who was already ahead of the game and among one of the few designers in Spain that ventured into this recently discovered Microsoft technology.

He recommended me to start learning too since the majority of designers were more focused in Flash at the time, and it could be a very good opportunity to find a better job in the future, a few weeks later, we both received an offer from a Microsoft partner consultancy company asking us if we would consider moving to Madrid to design apps based in WPF and Silverlight.

My very first task once I started in my new job was to design a meeting room booking application for a company called Avanade, these are screenshots from the prototype I created.

Acciona SCADA system for photovoltaic stations (2008-2009)

Once you find the girl/man you are interested in, you would need to "pass" a test in order to be able to chat with that person, that test would be created by that person himself, it could be a few questions or even a not-so-difficult challenge. This way the app allow users to "filter" who would have access to them or who deserves to have a chance of a friendly chat.

(it requires Silverlight plugin and it doesn't work in Chrome if you're using a Mac)

Lemon Wallet for Windows Phone

When Wiki (Lemon CEO) contacted me for this project they already had a design in place for iOS and Android devices, what he was looking was for a designer with previous experience working with Microsoft's Windows Phone guidelines to be able to help them.

Having worked with Silverlight and WPF for several years before this project led me to a point where I was really comfortable working along with Microsoft design guidelines, specially with their new Metro design guidelines. for Windows Phone

A friend of mine contacted me a few years ago with an idea in mind to create a social network for bands and music artist.

I helped him to design a Windows Phone app, as they were using Silverlight to develop their web platform at the moment.

(it requires Silverlight plugin and it doesn't work in Chrome if you're using a Mac)

Mozilla OS for mobile

During my time at Telefonica (Spain) I had the chance to work in this project, even though I wasn't part of the design team, I was asked to create a series of demos, animations and prototypes in Windows Phone in order to test some interactions with a real device.

This is basically why I've been using Windows Phone to prototype for mobile, it allows me to quickly develop ideas and put them in a physical device to test them.

  • March 2012
  • Prototyping, WPF, Silverlight
  • Telefónica, Mozilla
  • Mozilla OS

Ubuntu Phone

There's a dedicated portfolio page for this project that you can check here.

Triad Wars

Triad Wars project involved much more than a mobile or responsive design, it's worth to visit the full project!

  • November 2014 to November 2015
  • UI, UX, Wireframing, Prototyping
  • Square Enix
  • Triad Wars site