Your tiny big adventure

Tiny Leads is a project born from the encounter of Alex, Antonio and María, united by a mutual passion and an eagerness to share their views on model-making. A venture brought forth to quench the thirst for all the figures we have wished to come across throughout the years but that we never have. With its own unique style, Tiny Leads comes forth to tell a magical tale woven around its compelling characters.

  • October 2014 onwards
  • Branding, Art Direction, Online Campaigns
  • Tiny Leads Co.

First logotype proposals

On the right, there's a bolder design of the logo, featuring a brush and a scalpel as iconic elements - tools that are vastly used by miniature painters and sculptors. This icon would still be part of the brand as we will see shortly, but this logo was discarded for being 'too thick'.

On the other hand, the logo proposal on the left shows a more stylised lettered logotype, closer to the final result, however, it is still unpolished here. This was the starting point prior to the development of the final version as we can see below. The visual treatment playing with depth within the miniature image is a creative way to display the logo in a more playful manner.

The chosen one

Tiny Leads was clear about having a logo that could serve as a stamp - a seal that could go well with many formats. This is how the round layout sprang to mind. With a more traditional lettering at the top and bottom, the whole ensemble gave the final logotype a sense of tradition and quality. At the same time, the roundness of the leading name would convey that feeling of creativity and dynamism.

At this point I think it's time to explain where the name comes from. Not so long ago, miniatures were exclusively made of lead - a soft and malleable metal. Along with the word tiny - as miniatures are usually minuscule - the name Tiny Leads, as in small miniatures, was chosen as a catchier version for the brand's name.

Playing with colours

When it comes to the colour palette, one thing I had crystal clear in my mind was the fact that I didn't want the brand to be tied to just a couple of colour variations. I wanted the brand to be playful and dynamic. This is why I chose three main colours - green, red and blue - that, along with black and white, would compose a colour scheme to play with, comprising 5 combinations.

Such colour variety would also serve a different purpose as it marks various communication areas such as email letters, marketing campaigns, printed letters and so on, highlighted by one colour each. This colour scheme ensures a dedicated and unique level of communication with the brand's target audience while maintaining a strong and solid base.

This is just the beginning

I jumped into this project not only because my brother is one of the founders of the brand, but because miniatures were also an important and happy part of my childhood, so having the chance to be part of this adventure was something too enticing to miss out on.

Also, by being in charge of all the design area I have a consistent margin of freedom and this motivates me even more to do my best and to generate better and more innovative ideas while focusing on a business goal.

Do you like miniatures?

Perhaps you are a miniature painter or a sculptor? Or maybe you're just curious to know a bit more? Pay a visit to their Facebook page and delve into Tiny Leads’ 'tiny big adventure'.