Hybrid TV

I worked during more than a year on this exciting set top box product, which includes many features such as TV Apps, Video on demand, Catch up and more...

  • January 2011 to September 2012
  • User Experience, Interactive, Prototyping
  • Telefónica

Exploring an new EPG

This concept merges the 2 traditional TV guide interaction methods in one for an improved user experience.

The new EPG has a "now" column displaying the content is live at the moment, and half of the screen is a horizontal timeline users can navigate to explore future content or schedule recordings.

Using some shortcut keys on the remote controller was crutial to make this concept work.


During different stages of the project, the UX team gathered on several workshops and ideation sessions that helped to define concepts and discuss new ideas.

Many documents were created during this period such as usability tests, personas or user journeys.

Expanding to platforms

The platform behind this product was mean to be expanded to other platforms such as Windows 8 laptops, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360.

With my experience working with Microsoft technologies for a few years, I was familiarised with the different platform guidelines so I was in charge to adapt the service and it's wireframes to all 3 device's operative systems.

Windows 8, Windows Phone & Xbox 360

Windows 8 was recently announced and it was mean to revolution the whole UI design scene, which they did in some areas, so adapting this service to the new Windows Metro styled apps was a must.

Connected devices (tablet)

I had the chance to explore in a bit more depth the different posibilities when interacting with a TV using a mobile device, in this case a tablet.

Connecting to your TV from the sofa would allow you to interact in a new way with all the content you love.

Explore content throught the TV guide

What about seeing more information about a movie in the guide? In this setup, the user could keep watching a movie in the TV while expanding the information on its handheld device or tablet.

Surf the EPG, easily

Or simply choose what comes next without bothering other viewers on the TV.

Some sketches and notes

Here's a selection of some sketches and notes from the user testing session and very early concepts for the EPG.