Technical Guide for Students

A guide made to help students of Computer Science to find the best resources and available knowledge in order to build up their careers and be competitive once they finish university.

  • January 2017 to April 2017
  • UI, UX, Wireframing, Prototyping

The challenge

There are many problems a student can face on their path to find their dream job in Computer Science, this guide was meant to solve as many as possible and provide valuable content to help them along the way.

Helping students to

  • Find relevant resources
  • Fill gaps in education/knowledge
  • Get content relevant to their skill level
  • Digest huge amount of resources available
  • Avoid being rejected in job applications

Each area uses different iconography and UI elements according to the type of data to be displayed.

Only for students?

Not at all, this guide is meant to help people from different backgrounds, age or studies level, also would provide valuable advice to teachers giving them first hand tools and content to increase the effectivity of their curriculums.

Main user profiles to consider

  • Students of Computer Science
  • Professionals looking to expand their knowledge
  • People looking for specific tools to help them in a project
  • Teachers of Computer Science
  • Graduated students that are applying for their first job


To help understand student needs better, we created a framing questionnaire and spread it across a variety of channels to get as many answers as possible, we connected with students, IT proffessionals and teachers.

Based on the results, we managed to divide all available content in different learning programs satisfying different levels and complexity.

From customised programs to specific content

Users could curate their own learning programs by looking into matters of their interest or check a specific content within a few clicks.

All content is clearly defined and divided using a clear iconography and colour set, is also specified the source in case of being external content and the estimated duration.