Market Data Management

I had to learn a lot about market and finances before being able to design a good user experience.

This platform is full of capabilities for brokers and includes large amounts of data that needed to be displayed in an efficient and manageable way.

From creating alerts on desired prices or producst to stay updated on the latests trends and news while trading, this modular platform would allow users to customize their workspace in order to fulfill their needs in every moment.

From wireframes to prototyping?

Part of this project was to create clickable prototypes and demos to test different solutions with the final client, working along with Microsoft's Sketchflow for Blend helped to create a streamlined process from the documentation to prototypes as the very same UX wireframes were exported from our build in Sketchflow, this not only saved time, but allowed to the client to be more involved across the whole process delivering feedback on good time and manner.

Even though I helped the design team with some UI design, my task on this project was mainly focused on UX and prototyping.