Hi, I am Raul
UX/UI Designer based in London

Who I am

A 32 years old Spanish designer, with a strong background in graphic and digital design, who set foot in the UX world almost 8 years ago. A kind of a mixed background designer that will fit in any team adding value to your projects through design and creative thinking.

What I do

Colours and intuitive navigation to ensure a rich and interactive user experience have always been a true driving force throughout my whole life. Through my daily work, I aim to create innovative designs that inspire users and make their lives easier.

Clients I have worked with

Here’s a list of some of the clients I have worked for in my career.





Cloud Margin

Square Enix


Native Design




Monitise Create

Sporting Solutions



What people say about me

During all these years I have had the chance to work with amazing people along with very creative and exciting teams. With their permission I have included some of their comments about our work experience together.

Jordi Morillo UX Design Manager at HP Inc.

Raul is one of the best UX professionals I ever found in my career. Creative and knowledgeable with a very rare balance between user empathy and technical depth.
His knowledge about technology combined with his experience, creativity, team orientation and a very robust user centered approach makes Raul someone I would like to count on my team when facing any UX challenge.

David Hipkin Head of Trading Tools at Sporting Index

Raul joined the Sporting Solutions UI/UX team after a recommendation and he did not let us down. Joining a growing team during a period of fast moving development, he was quick and keen to produce results. Specifically bringing some real creativity to a number of diverse Silverlight and HTML products.
It was a shame to see Raul leave the team, and if you are looking for a conscientious and talented UI/UX designer, then you need look no further than him.

Kevin Mills Technical Director

Raul's possesses a skillset that we found invaluable when building applications with the Microsoft stack. While able to wear his designer hat with ease, his understanding of what will be required at the implementation level is truly unique.
He displays expert proficiency with the Blend tool and a deep understanding of the XAML markup language. The UI components and animations he produced for us during the design phase have drastically reduced our application development time.

Wiki Chaves Head of Design at Lemon

Raul worked on some early concepts for Lemon Wallet Windows Phone app. He was super fast, with great results. It's difficult to find designers with experience in Windows Phone, Raul is one of those who has both the experience and the talent.

Mari Paz Madrid UX Manager at Telefonica

Raul is an user product oriented designer who loves to design user interfaces and to prototype them. The almost two years that he worked in Telefónica was involved in several video products for diferent platforms. He learned to work on a customer driven organization bringing his enthusiasm and passion. He has decided to explore new enviroments and to have new experiences out of Spain. Good luck, Raúl.

Eleonora Manzi Translator & Copywriter

Think of an excellent problem solver turned into a uniquely talented web wizard, add the expertise of a juggler & the creative flair of a lettering arts connoisseur, shake it well and serve chilled...and friendly.
Raul embodies competitive spirit and the dazzling array of skills required in web & graphic design. Working together on the Tiny Leads project has been a totally rewarding experience as well as a constant source of inspiration.

Words that inspire me

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